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With the state of today's economy, competition for jobs is FIERCE. Expungement is a process in which a person asks a court to have the record of a conviction or criminal charge removed from his or her criminal record. Having your record sealed makes you a better candidate for any job.
The Law Office of Craig W. Smotzer, LLC we can assist you with expunging your criminal record. We can answer questions about how to expunge or seal your criminal record or to find out whether expungement is a possibility for you contact our office.
Expungement may be granted:

  • If your case was disposed of after successful completion of a diversion program. You can apply to have the criminal charge sealed from your record. In Cuyahoga County there are diversion programs for some drug offenses, theft cases, and other non-violent offenses.

  • If you were convicted of a crime because you entered a guilty plea or were found guilty by a judge or jury, you can apply to expunge the conviction from your record. There are several crimes that cannot be expunged, including violent crimes such as murder/manslaughter, sex offenses, drunk driving, (DWI/OVI/DUI) and some kinds of domestic charges.

  • Craig W. Smotzer, Esq., frequently helps people seal their criminal record. The advantage of an expungement is that the dismissed charge or conviction no longer appears on your criminal record. If you are applying for a job or housing, you will no longer be obligated to disclose certain parts of your criminal history. However, even though your record will be sealed from the public, law enforcement officers and prosecutors will still have access to your criminal records.

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