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In Ohio the law on alcohol-related offenses is constantly changing, but one thing remains the same: The government takes these crimes seriously and creates harsh penalties for people who are convicted.
We take defending you and your rights seriously as well. In Cleveland, Ohio The Law Office of Craig W. Smotzer, LLC handles the defense of a broad range of alcohol related crimes:

  • Underage consumption
  • Selling/furnishing alcohol to a minor
  • Vehicular assault/vehicular manslaughter
  • Other crimes where alcohol is involved

We have regularly practiced in the following municipal courts in the areas of:

  • DUI in Rocky River Municipal Court
  • DUI in Garfield Heights Municipal Court
  • DUI in Berea Municipal Court
  • DUI in Cleveland Municipal Court
  • DUI in Elyria Municipal Court
  • DUI in Lorain Municipal Court
  • DUI in Cleveland Heights Municipal Court
  • DUI in Broadview Heights Mayors Court
  • DUI in North Ridgeville Mayors Court
  • DUI in Kelleys Island Municipal Court
  • DUI in Ottawa County Municipal Court

Drunk Driving
We represent people who have been arrested for drunk driving (OVI/DUI/DWI) in the state of Ohio. We build strong defenses by paying attention to every aspect of your case. If there were any violations of your rights, we take steps to make sure that the prosecution can't use the evidence against you.

The criminal penalties and driver's license penalties for drunk driving increase significantly for a repeat DUI/DWI/OVI offense. Although no one expects to face a second or third drunk driving arrest, it does happen.

Therefore, it is essential to aggressively combat each DUI/DWI/OVI charge. Although no attorney can guarantee a particular result in your case, there are many defenses available to a drunk driving charge and there are plea agreement options that may mitigate the penalties you could face for a first, second or third DUI/DWI/OVI arrest.

If retained to handle your case, we will provide a comprehensive defense on your behalf. We will investigate the facts of the case and ask critical questions on your behalf:

  • Did the stop of your vehicle meet all legal requirements?
  • Did the breath test meet all legal requirements?
  • Did the officer properly advise you of your rights?
  • Did the field sobriety tests administered properly?

If we can get your charges dismissed, we will. If you decide to take your case to trial, we will aggressively defend your rights. If you do not want to take your case to trial, we will negotiate on your behalf with the prosecutor to seek an appropriate plea bargain that minimizes your exposure to penalties and adverse consequences.

The State of Ohio automatically suspends the driver’s licenses of drivers who refuse to take a sobriety test. Administrative license suspension can also happen for driving with a prohibited blood alcohol content (BAC). At The Law Office of Craig W. Smotzer, LLC, we can also represent clients at administrative license suspension (ALS) hearings, helping them protect their licenses and their ability to drive.
Boating Under the Influence (BUI)
Recently, the state of Ohio has been taking boating under the influence (BUI) seriously. Especially on busy holiday weekends, like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas In July, Kelleys Island Islandfest, and Regatta Weekend, police do surveillance on unsuspecting boaters, often charging them with drunken boating. If you've been charged, our law firm prepares a strong defense.

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If you have been arrested for drunk driving (OVI/DUI/DWI) or another alcohol-related crime in Ohio, talk to my Cleveland Law Office about preparing a strong defense. To schedule a free initial consultation with me contact my office at 216.539.7157.

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